In Nikko, you can find a Tour Guide
who is always considerate of her customers' feelings.

Highly-experienced and professional "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" will devote herself fully to showing you around Japan and Nikko.

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Updated on August 22, 2023

 Beautiful rainbow over Kegon Waterfallsnew
 Tokyo tour addednew
 Guests from overseas are returning to Nikko
 Completed Advanced First-Aid Course(retook the course)
June 16, 2022
 I have completed the training of Travelife Sustainability in Tourism.
April 8, 2022
 I had a booster shot for COVID.
December 22, 2021
 Guided the first customer to Nikko since the epidemic of the new coronavirus.
September 24, 2021
 I'm fully vaccinated!
June 6, 2021
 "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" Traditional Chinese website is now available.
March 15, 2021
 "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" Simplified Chinese website is now available.
Nobvember 20, 2020
 "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" Measures Against the Novel Coronavirus

New arrivals

Can you see the trip you are looking for below?

Do you want to discover a “new Japan” that you would not find in a guidebook with "Omotenashi(note1) Tour Guide Kaori", a professional with a National Government Licensed Guide(note2) qualification?

Do you want to visit "Nikko", a place bursting with charm, where you can encounter beautiful scenery, Japanese history and culture, woven together by nature across the four seasons, with a Omotenashi guide?

Have you given up on your dream of going on a trip with your relative who is "disabled" or who has "failing eyesight"?

Trip with your "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori"

"Omotenashi Guide Kaori" can provide you with the following type of trips.

"Ichigo-ichie"(once in a lifetime) Trip

We also see our trip with you as a "once in a lifetime"(note3) opportunity. In the same way that every day is a new day, there are no trips that are exactly the same.

Your "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" is grateful for this unique encounter, and will always give everything and make the best possible trip, approaching it in a fresh way each time. Therefore, she always aims to enjoy the trip together with the customer and share the emotions.

Trips with memorable encounters

In my student days, I enjoyed travelling around Japan and abroad on my own. In my younger days, I visited many famous tourist spots in many countries. When I open the album and look at the photos I took at that time, I can vaguely recall the places I visited.

However, for me, despite the passing of many years, the thing that I can remember vividly, is not the places that I visited, but rather the people that I met on my trip.

A few years ago, when seeing off a group of Chinese high-school students at the airport, I remember being really pleased to hear from one of the male students that “the thing that has left the deepest impression on me from this trip is not the place of Japan, but you!”. If my customer’s first memory of the trip is being with the Omotenashi guide, nothing could please me more.

Barrier-free trip

One of my hobbies is jogging, and several years ago, I broke my right ankle while jogging. For one month after the fracture, I did not set one foot outside my house, and thought "If I am never able to walk again, I will not be able to enjoy the trips that I love…." I remember feeling really despondent just imagining this. From this event, I was seized with the strong urge to help people who were hesitating to come to Japan because of some physical disability.

Wouldn’t you like to take a trip with "Omotenashi Tour guide Kaori"?

This is a trip you can discover because the "Omotenashi Tour guide" will show you around in a really easy-to-understand way, and because the Omotenashi guide is with you, will be able to enjoy the trip together with peace of mind.
She can guide you around Japan and Nikko because she is Japanese and was brought up in this area.
Do you have anxieties such as "Can I go there in a wheelchair?" or "Can I really enjoy my trip whilst travelling with a physically-disabled relative?" You do not need to worry. Won’t you work with me to remove your mental barriers? I will help you realize a barrier-free trip.

Let’s go on a trip together!!

  • Note 1) Omotenashi: This is heartfelt hospitality. It refers to giving a heartfelt reception, hospitality, and service.
  • Note 2)National Government Licensed Guide:This is an occupation where you become an interpreter guide (where you use foreign languages with foreign visitors and taken them on a trip) for which you receive compensation after passing the "National Government Licensed Guide Test", a national test, run by the Japan Tourism Agency. This is a professional tourism guide who deals with foreign visitors to Japan.
    Source: free encyclopedia "Wikipedia"
  • Note 3)Ichigo-ichie: An opportunity you will only get once in your life. The feeling of devotion to something you will only get the chance to do once. This was a term originally used to express the knowledge of the tea ceremony, and was used to represent sincerity to the main guest, with the feeling that any tea ceremony will only occur once in a lifetime.
    Source:Sanseido "Shinmeikai Yojijukugo Jiten"

"Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" will show you around Nikko and Japan.