Tour No.U001

Utsunomiya "Waku-Waku"
day-trip tour
with a Tour Guide

Uses a fixed-route bus *1 or taxi*2

 This is Utsunomiya, known as “Gyoza town” nationwide, and is a town where the Oya stone culture, registered as a Japan Heritage in 2018, can be seen in many places. There is excellent access from central Tokyo (50 minutes on the Shinkansen from Tokyo station), and this is a tour where the omotenashi Tour guide, living in Utsunomiya, will show you around with confidence.


JR Utsunomiya Station or your hotel in Utsunomiya


Oya stone open pit quarry*3sightseeing


Oya History Museum, Oyaji temple*3, Heiwa Kannon sightseeing


Lunch*4 (gyoza, requested by the customer)


Matsugamine Catholic Church sightseeing

Utsunomiya Castle Ruins Park sightseeing


Futaarayama Jinja Shrine



JJR Utsunomiya station or your hotel in Utsunomiya

  • *1 For travel, use the fixed-route bus. For 1,850 yen per person, you can get a one-day Oya sightseeing ticket. T The one-day ticket includes the entrance fee for the Oya History Museum and the admission fee for Oyaji Temple. The quarry tour charges need to be paid separately. You will also need to pay for the guide.
  • *2 We plan to use a taxi for the morning only, until the point of moving to the lunch spot. In the afternoon, we will mainly travel on foot. You will need to pay for admission to the Oya History museum, Oyaji Temple, and the quarry separately.
    Taxi fare 3 hours 20,280 yen for up to 3 people, 29,100 yen for up to 7 or 8 people
    3.5 hours 23,660 yen for up to 3 people, and 33,950 yen for 7 to 8 people
  • *3 For the entrance fees, for the Oya region, see the Sightseeing Information.
  • *4 The guide will arrange the meals for the customer in accordance with the request and budget of the customer. The customer will pay for the guide’s meal.

    Meal examples

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Introducing Utsunomiya "Waku-Waku" day-trip tour.