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Experience-based optional tour

 I can assemble the following kinds of experience-based tours based on customer request. I need to arrange the schedule with related parties, so please leave plenty of time to inquire in advance.

Kimono experience
PlaceNikko, Utsunomiya
DurationAll day
Pricetour fee plus 4,000yen/person~
About the experienceWould you like to experience wearing a kimono, the national costume of Japan? The price will differ depending on the type of kimono, but you can wear a kimono for an additional experience fee of 4,000 yen per person in addition to the tour fees. The Omotenashi guide will assist you in putting on the kimono yourself.
Tour exampleTobu Nikko station or JR Nikko stationKanmangafuchi Abyss walk Kimono experience (The time needed to wear a kimono is approximately 20 minutes.) Nikko Tamozawa Imperial Villa Memorial Park sightseeing Lunch Shinkyo BridgeNikko Toshogu Shrine Sightseeing change clothesTobu Nikko station or JR Nikko station
Sake brewery sightseeing
Time neededone hour
PriceIncluded in the tour fee
contentsIn Tochigi Prefecture, there are a large number of sake breweries, blessed with pure, high-quality water perfect for brewing, select rice, and brewing technology. Japanese sake has close links with Japanese food culture. Experience the depths of these links for yourself.
Tour Example Tobu Nikko station or JR Nikko station Viewing Kegon waterfall and Lake Chuzenji LunchShinkyo BridgeNikko Toshogu Shrine Sightseeing Sake brewery sightseeing Tobu Shimoimaichi station or JR Imaichi station
Tea ceremony experience
Placein Tochigi prefecture
Duration1 hour - 1 hour and 30 minutes
PriceTour fee plus 2,000yen per person
About the experienceYou can enjoy the tea ceremony, which is one of the traditional cultural aspects of Japan.
Tour Example JR Utsunomiya station or Oyama station Tea ceremony experienceLunch Oya History Museum, Oyaji temple, Heiwa Kannon sightseeingFutaarayama Shrine JR Utsunomiya station
Craft beer-making experience
Duration2 hours
PriceTour fee plus 2,000yen per person
About the experienceCurrently, craft beer is extremely popular amongst Japanese people. You can enjoy the experience of using the rich natural agricultural products of Tochigi prefecture to make a wide variety of beer from vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices, at a craft beer brewery. Take this opportunity to enjoy the unique experience of making beer produced by brewery technician Sadao Yokosuka.
Tour Example JR Utsunomiya stationOya History Museum, Oyaji temple, Heiwa Kannon sightseeingLunchFutaarayama Shrine Craft beer-making experience JR Utsunomiya station
Tokyo tour
Duration1 day or two days
PriceSame as guide fee
About the tourVisit sightseeing spots in Tokyo before or after Nikko tour
Tour Example Your hotelVisiting Sensouji templeWater busHamarikyu gardenLunchVisiting Meiji Jingu ShrineShibuya CrossingYour hotel
Night tour @Utsunomiya
Duration2~3 hours
PriceTour fee plus the food expenses
About the experienceEnjoy nights out in Utsunomiya on the "Cocktail street Utsunomiya" and "Jazz street Utsunomiya". Experience the night life enjoyed by Japanese people, with its “izakaya” drinking joints, karaoke, and stylish bars. Enjoy a relaxing night tour together with "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori".
Tour Example Tobu Nikko station or JR Nikko station Viewing Kegon waterfall/Lake Chuzenji Lunch Shinkyo BridgeNikko ToshoguJR Nikko stationJR Utsunomiya stationNight tour @Utsunomiya

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