I have assembled a list of questions frequently asked by our customers. Please check here first before making your enquiry.

What are the features of the "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" tour?
This is a completely private tour for each customer. The tour is arranged in line with the requests of the customer, including the setting of destination and time. Additionally, the participation of customers with poor vision or physical disabilities is also welcomed. Please refer to the Must-attend tours when arranging your tour.
What languages are available for the tour?
Guidance can be provided in English, Chinese (Mandarin), or Japanese.
How can I book a tour?
I will provide a quotation in relation to your inquiry, so please send me an application form by email if you agree with the price. See here for the application procedures.
How many days in advance do I need to book the tour?
If you could book around 10 days in advance of your requested date, this will make it easier for me to adjust the schedule. However, please also discuss any last-minute requests.
Let me know how I can pay.
Please pay in advance through bank transfer or credit card.
Let me know the cancellation fee.
These accrue from 20 days before the tour. Please see the cancellation policy for details.
Please explain the difference between the guide fees and the tour price.
The guide fee is the interpreting and guide fee that I receive from the customer as "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori". The tour price is the total amount paid by the customer, after adding transportation expenses, admission fees, and lunch costs to the guide fee. The guide fee can be charged in half-day or full-day units(this differs slightly depending on the number of people and whether interpreting is involved), and the tour price differs depending on the means of transportation, sightseeing location, and restaurants etc. used by the customer.
Tell me about access to Nikko and Utsunomiya.
Check here for the method of accessing from within Tokyo. If you inform us of the hotel you are using by the previous day, I will provide you information on access from that point. Please let me know whether you would like us to pick you up/drop you off at your hotel, a service which is also available for a separate fee.
Will the tour go ahead even in case of rain?
Yes, the tour will go ahead unless there are extreme weather conditions, such as a typhoon. Please do not forget to prepare rain goods (umbrella etc.) in case of rain. Please prepare rainwear if you are participating in Tour No.N002 Nikko National Park Nature Tour.
I have a physical disability. Can I still participate in the tour?
I can arrange the tour plan to take account of your physical disability. As this is a private tour, you can enjoy the tour at your own pace without being concerned about others. Your "Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" is studying hard to obtain qualifications for assisting with travel for the physically disabled.

"Omotenashi Tour Guide Kaori" FAQ