Tour No.BF002

Nikko luxury barrier-free day-trip tour with a Tour Guide

Uses a welfare taxi*1

 This is a barrier-free Nikko day-trip tour, which is easily accessible for the physically disabled. Make contact with the historical buildings, registered as world heritage, as well as the beautiful nature of Nikko across the four seasons, such as the Kegon waterfalls and Lake Chuzenji, with your Omotenashi Tour Guide who has a travel helper qualification ("trip support" specialist with nursing care technology and travel business knowledge).


Tobu Nikko station, JR Nikko station or hotel where customer is staying

Shinkyo Bridge

(Iroha Slope)  

Lake Chuzenji Cruise*2

(Enjoy the view of Lake Chuzenji from a pleasure boat. If you so desire, you can get off midway through, and enjoy the Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park and British Embassy Villa Memorial Park.)

Kegon waterfalls*3 sightseeing


Lunch*4 in the town of Nikko(restaurant based on the request of the customer)

Nikko Toshogu/Nikko Toshogu Treasure House/Nikko Futarasan Jinja shrine*5Viewing

Tobu Nikko station, JR Nikko station or hotel where customer is staying

  • 【January 1st-3rd, Golden week(from the end of April to early May), consecutive holidays(late July), Obon holidays(mid-August), consecutive holidays(late September), and the "Koyo"(yellow leaf) season in October and November are extremely crowded, so please be aware that it is difficult to proceed with the tour according to the above schedule, and discuss with me in advance.】
  • The tour described on this page is a general example of a tour. I will propose a tour meeting the needs of my customers, after consultation with the customer.
  • *1 Tour using a welfare taxi.
    Taxi fare From 50,000 yen
  • *2 Round trip open boat ticket (junior-high school students and above) 1,400 yen, children (elementary school students) ? 700 yen  If you get off the boat midway to look at the buildings inside the Italian Embassy Villa Memorial Park and British Embassy Villa Memorial Park (closed from December to March), the “Italian/British Embassy Villa Memorial Park Joint Entrance Ticket” set ticket is good value.  Adults 1,600 yen, junior-high school students 1,450 yen, elementary school students 800 yen, infants(aged 4 or above)150 yen  You do not need to purchase the boat ticket or set ticket for the guide.
  • *3 Enjoy viewing the Kegon waterfalls from the observatory on top of the waterfall.
  • *4 The guide will arrange the meals for the company in accordance with the request and budget of the customer. The customer will pay for the guide’s meals. In Nikko, you can enjoy soba, “yuba” dishes, and western food. An estimate for the range of meal charges is 1,000-2,000 yen, 2,000-3,000 yen, 3,000-5,000 yen, and over 5,000 yen.

    Meal example

    ※The photo is just an image.

  • *5 The area within Nikko Toshogu that you can view from a wheelchair is up to the space in front of Yomei-mon gate. The admission fee for viewing Toshogu is 1,300 yen for adults, and admission fees may be required for other sightseeing spots.(You do not need to pay for the guide’s admission fee.)For details, see Sightseeing Information.

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Introducing Nikko luxury barrier-free day-trip tour.